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Robert Carter   (Owner) 972-482-5190


Everyday :  7am - 10 pm

     As fellow business owners, we understand that despite unavoidable catastrophes, business must go on, and for a dealership, DCM understands that car-buying consumers still expect a high standard in their chosen dealership. 
DCM is the Dealership’s helping hand in protecting their dealership investment.

Some points you may not realize...

We know dealerships understand the claims process, however, here are some interesting points that dealerships may not realize:

Crucial claim damage can be overlooked. This is easy to do when an Insurance company's adjuster faces endless work hours, demanding travel, multiple claims assessments, or even uneducated in certain fine details of damage caused by elements such as wind or hail.

Unfamiliar damage. Because often adjusters are recruited from different regions of the country for large claim assessments, they can be unfamiliar with what look for in damage caused by region-specific weather elements.

Unfamiliar assessments. On occasion, adjusters, such as home and property adjusters are asked to assist in the vehicle damage assessment on large claims.

The Difference DCM makes for the Dealership...

DCM works for YOU—the Dealership! 

     We work exclusively as your advocate during the claims adjusting process.  Side-by-side with your insurance company’s adjusters, our team of experts work diligently to ensure an accurate and fair adjustment for you, the policyholder.

     You don’t have to settle for a less than adequate settlement.  Our precision and expertise in the critical, fine details of micro-inspections, assist your insurance company’s adjuster and guarantees correctly finding and accurately assessing ALL damage that may otherwise be overlooked. 

*THE RESULT: A 3-4 times higher return on your claim.