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Robert Carter   (Owner) 972-482-5190


Everyday :  7am - 10 pm


The founding leader of this unique, specialized service.  

     More than 30 years ago, our founder had a vision that could maximize dealerships’ claims.  Our automotive damage assessment experience began humbly in the early 1980’s in an auto body shop.  In 1986, our founder ventured into automotive claims adjusting for insurance companies. It was shortly thereafter, he discovered that many fellow insurance adjusters were often overworked, exhausted and many times, just simply uneducated about the fine details of certain damage to cars, such as wind and hail.  The result of this discovery: excessive amounts of overlooked damage in claims for the policyholders which led to less than adequate reimbursements to dealerships.


     Upon this realization, our founder turned directly to the dealerships.  His new focus was to work exclusively for these policyholders, ensuring to them that he could employ a team of experts on their behalf, who would diligently assist the insurance companies’ adjusters in the critical, fine details of accurate, fair, and honest adjustment processes. 

Protecting the dealership is our business!

     The result of our founder's focus today has been millions of dollars in maximized claims for policyholders.  Millions that might otherwise never have been paid.  DCM has earned loyalty and trust by utilizing smart and ethical practices, consistency, and refined expertise.  Our team has a longstanding reputation of dependable, timely, and courteous service that always delivers and always exceeds dealerships’ expectations.  This is why dealerships have remained our faithful partners for decades.

DCM: Today...

      Since our founder’s first vision, DCM has been passed down to a new generation who are extremely conscientious and dedicated today to maintaining DCM's reputation in the forefront of assisting dealerships with their claims.


     Other dealer claims assistance companies may say they have collective decades of experience in the “automotive industry,”  however, DCM is the Premiere Company, whose founder had the initial vision through actual automotive insurance adjusting experience, not just knowing cars.


     Today, other companies may try to sell our idea, but our expertise and our long-term, nurturing relationships with dealerships, as well as their insurers, continue to make DCM the most trusted leader in the business and the preferred partner to dealerships nationwide.